Download client

download a fresh and clean HighFive (H5) Client from anywhere you like, for example:

Get the Patch

Unzip the system folder and overwrite the patch-system folder with the system folder of your L2 installation.

Play Lineage 2 High Five for Free

Explore the world of Lineage 2 High Five, a free MMORPG where skill and strategy matter. Join a PvP server that challenges you at every turn, featuring unique gameplay mechanics and community-driven events. With our Autofarm premium feature and combined Spoiler & Crafter classes, your gaming experience is both seamless and richly rewarding.

Key Features of Our Lineage 2 High Five Server

Free Autofarm Feature: Level up and gain resources automatically, even when you're offline.
No NPC-Buffer but allowed Dual-Boxing: Enjoy enhanced gameplay with support buffs from NPCs and fair play ensured by preventing dual-boxing.
Custom Spoils and Drops: Crafting is optimized and custom drops keep the game exciting.
Rebirth System: Reset your character’s level with the Rebirth System, gaining new abilities to enhance gameplay.
Auto Events: Regularly scheduled events bring the community together and offer great rewards.
Our server is designed to respect your time and skills. It provides a level playing field, with no GM-shop and enhanced stats for all classes, including +10 run speed, +30% party experience, and improved HP/CP and mana regeneration rates. These benefits make gameplay more engaging and allow for deeper strategy and enjoyment.

Why our Lineage 2 High Five Server?

It's completely free to play with no hidden fees. Experience balanced and competitive PvP. Become part of a community where your skills and strategy can shine. Ready to dive into Lineage 2 High Five? Sign up today and begin your adventure in a world where every challenge is a chance to prove your mettle. Join now and let the battles begin!