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Crafting friendly Lineage2 longterm server

  • High-Five (CT 2.6)
  • Auto in-game Account creation
  • Class Changer in Giran and directly as popup upon lvl-up
  • Service Manager in Giran for dyes augument etc
  • Points Manager in Giran to buy fame for you and your clan for GoldBars!
  • Achivement Manager in Giran provides extra rewards
  • Dwarf's Spoiler and Crafter combined (both classes can craft AND Spoil)
  • Detailed Ranking System, for almost every possible category
  • Auto learn skills
  • Auto loot items
  • Quest reward x12 exp/sp, 5x Adena
  • Offline trade enabled (open the store / craft and just exit the game)
  • SoulShots amount crafted has been more than doubled! (ingredients stayed the same)
  • AutoFarm feature for premium
  • RaidBoss drops 2x including RaidBoss jewelry
  • Shift-click Monsters for stats and drops/spoils info
  • Lost legacy Dragon Valley Cave monsters are now on the hills at Hardin's Academy
  • Ranking in the in-game Community-Board
  • RaidBoss info in the in-game Community-Board
  • Donations (PayPal) in the in-game Community-Board
  • Donations offer various services, but no pay-to-win items
  • Voting earns Vote-Coins and a 30% EXP-rune 1h
  • Vote-Coins can be used for exchanging 60% recipes into 100% recipes
  • Many Classes got additional skills for balancing purposes
  • All monsters drop Soulores for easier SoulShot crafting
  • Recipes are easier accessible through custom drops and spoils
  • Many monsters now drop greater healing and mana potions, check our custom drops page
  • Champion Mobs occasionally appear and provide extra drops and exp
  • All-in-One item with GateKeeper, warehouse, clan-warehouse, dye-maker etc
  • Buff duration: 1hour, dances and songs 30minutes
  • Max buff amount +1, max dance/song amount +1
  • Cancel of buffs via shift-click
  • Minimum required players for raids have been lowered significantly
  • Champion Mobs drop Apiga (Event Coins)
  • Raised max patk critrate from 50% to 60%
  • Raised max matk critrate from 20% to 25%
  • Increated weightlimit and slots for all characters
  • Extra increated weightlimit and slots for dwarves
  • Selfbuffs like Warcry last 15 mins instead of 1
  • Masterwork like in retail
  • Party exp range +25%
  • NO third party bots allowed

Lost Dragon Valley Cave now at Hardins Academy

The Class changes we made:

More may follow in the future...

  • Maestro: Focus Mind Boost Mana Fast Mana Recovery Spoil Spoil Festival Spoil Crush Spoil Bomb Lucky Strike
  • Bounty Hunter: Focus Mind Fast Mana Recovery Create Item Dagger Mastery Deadly Blow
  • Sword Singer: Two-Handed Sword Mastery Final Frenzy Crush of Doom
  • Blade Dancer: War Cry Boost Attack Speed Tripple Slash
  • Warcryer: First Weapon Mastery Burning Fist

All in One Item

Access the Gatekeeper, your Warehouse, Tattoo maker,
subclass changer etc from anywhere you like.

Voting & Rewards

Voting reward coins can be used to trade 60% Recipes against 100% recipes, so dont forget to vote! If necessary we will add more adaptions for your seamless gaming experience.

The NPC for getting Vote-Coins is located in the center of Giran. Exchange Vote-Coins and 60% recipes, against 100% recipes.

  • A-Grade Armors 60% -> 100% recipes
  • A-Grade Weapons 60% -> 100% recipes
  • S-Grade Armors 60% -> 100% recipes
  • S-Grade Weapons 60% -> 100% recipes